Veer in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Veer

to swerve or change direction

Examples of Veer in a sentence

She helplessly watched the car in front of her veer into oncoming traffic and let out a breath when they quickly navigated back into the proper lane. 🔊

The air traffic controller panicked when the plane began to veer off course and radioed to see if anything was wrong. 🔊

In a split second decision, the student decided to veer left and go home instead of heading to her classes. 🔊

The captain of the Titanic attempted to veer out of the way of the iceberg but the ice sideswiped the hull and the ship began to take on water.  🔊

The terrified family trembled as the tornado headed straight toward their home and sighed as it began to veer in the opposite direction.  🔊

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