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Definition of Venal

willing to do dishonest things in return for money; willing to take bribes

Examples of Venal in a sentence

Since a venal con artist raised Carl, it is not surprising that Carl grew up to be a thief. 🔊

The venal police officer accepted the money the drug dealers gave him to look away from their illegal deals. 🔊

While the chemical company claimed to be environmentally friendly, it was actually managed by a venal executive who refused to pay for the proper disposal of wastes. 🔊

The venal minister lied to the members of the church when he told them donations would earn them a place in heaven. 🔊

When the politician was revealed as a venal woman who took bribes from lobbyists, she was quickly removed from office. 🔊

The venal storeowner charged the immigrants more than he charged the local residents of his community. 🔊

Because the mayor was a venal man, he had no problem accepting bribes from real estate developers. 🔊

Some venal radio stations will not play music from independent labels unless they are offered bribes to do so. 🔊

Because we did not see Jake as a venal man, we were completely shocked when he threw the boxing match for money. 🔊

It was very easy for the wealthy defendant to sway the venal judge with the offer of a blank check. 🔊

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