Virago in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Virago

bad-tempered woman

Examples of Virago in a sentence

When the little boy dropped his ice cream, the virago grew red with anger and punished the child severely.  🔊

“I refuse to go your mother’s house,” Karen said angrily to her husband, “because that virago is always yelling at the kids and demanding we do everything she says.”  🔊

Once the virago entered her house, her attitude changed quickly as she ruthlessly threw papers on the ground and screamed for everyone to get out of the house.  🔊

When any neighborhood child ran across the yard of the virago, she would jerk open the door and threaten to call the police.  🔊

Every attempt was made by the meek husband and scared children to hide from the wrath of the virago.  🔊

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