Vogue in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vogue

a trend or largely admired fad

Examples of Vogue in a sentence

When the most popular girl in school wore her hair differently, a new vogue took place the next day when everyone was wear that same hairstyle.  🔊

Once the idea of using scarves as decorations took effect, it came into vogue for many teenage girls who care about their appearance.  🔊

People began to wear leg warmers over their jeans in the 1980s, but that style went out of vogue in the early 1990s since they were uncomfortable.  🔊

Painting the front door a bright color has become vogue because many people now want this part of their house to stand out.  🔊

Many celebrities will don the fashion styles taken from the most recent fashion shows to display the latest vogue in clothing.  🔊

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