Priggish in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Priggish

a prim and pompous person who requires everything to be precise since she strongly requires it

Examples of Priggish in a sentence

After working for a priggish boss who was never satisfied with my work, I decided to work somewhere else who was not so demanding. 🔊

My priggish neighbor would instantly call me if even one single leaf from my yard fell into her yard requesting that I remove it at once. 🔊

Sarah despised her brother’s new priggish girlfriend since this woman called all the shots and they must be done to her satisfaction. 🔊

After living with his wife for 30 years, the husband was tired of the nagging and demands made by his priggish woman. 🔊

No one could make a decent grade in Ms. Prude’s class since this priggish teacher mandated every assignment to be perfect. 🔊

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