Waddle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Waddle

to take small steps while walking in a stumbling way

Examples of Waddle in a sentence

As the duck would waddle to the pond, its webbed feet would move back and forth along the path in bobbing motion. 🔊

When the penguins at the zoo would waddle, children would frequently laugh as their plump bodies would shift from side to side in the enclosure. 🔊

Being nine months pregnant with triplets, the woman could only waddle slowly around the house due to her protruding stomach. 🔊

With weak legs, elderly people will often waddle gradually to their destination by planting one foot down on the ground before moving the other. 🔊

After eating the large buffet feast at the local restaurant, many people would waddle to the door with their legs spread slightly apart to accommodate their heavy stomachs. 🔊

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