Wunderkind in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Wunderkind

a young prodigy or whiz kid who becomes victorious with his or her accomplishments

Examples of Wunderkind in a sentence

When Mozart began composing popular classical music before the age of six, this wunderkind astonished everyone with his early achievements.  🔊

As the wunderkind was admitted to Harvard College at ten years old, he became the first pre-teen to attend college.  🔊

Top Development Child Care claimed that every selected child in their care would become a wunderkind by teaching high school subjects to the preschoolers.  🔊

The 4-year old wunderkind could already throw a football across a regulation football field and run ten miles a day.  🔊

Consulting the wunderkind whose was barely out of elementary school seemed strange until I realized that he was an expert in quantum physics.  🔊

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