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Definition of Cavil

to gripe about something minor

Examples of Cavil in a sentence

Because my sister is so hard to please, she will cavil about the smallest of things.

It is nice to read a movie review in which the critic raves about the entire film and does not cavil about a trivial flaw in the plot.

Since my boss does not like me, he is always looking for a reason to cavil about my work.

My ungrateful daughter had the nerve to cavil about the amount of money spent on her Christmas presents.

Although John is flying on the airline for free, he still chooses to cavil about his seat location.

Why does Amy stay married to Steven when he takes every opportunity to cavil her minor imperfections?

Even when everything is perfect, the irritable old man will still cavil to his children.

My stingy husband will cavil about every purchase I make.

As always, Clark was never satisfied and managed to find something to cavil about during our meal at the restaurant.

On the plane, I sat next to a talkative old woman who tried to get me to listen to her cavil about the high cost of living.

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