Squabble in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Squabble

minor fight or argument

Examples of Squabble in a sentence

The old couple was known to squabble about even the most trivial things.  🔊

You must not squabble about such simple things as who gets to sit in the front seat of the car.  🔊

The brothers were known to squabble about who would be player one in their video game.  🔊

When he became tired of her complaining, they would begin to squabble about everything.  🔊

She decided to break up with her boyfriend after he felt the need to squabble every time she smiled at another man.  🔊

They had been engaged in this squabble for so long that they had forgotten why it had started in the first place.  🔊

It may just seem like a squabble to you, but this argument is important to their future survival.  🔊

Kids will squabble over the most ridiculous things.  🔊

He always felt his wife was ready to squabble, which drove him to avoid going home on time.  🔊

Though they felt it was a serious matter, it appeared to onlookers that they were engaged in a squabble.  🔊

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