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Definition of Circumlocution

the use of too many words to say something, especially in order to avoid saying something clearly

Examples of Circumlocution in a sentence

The con man tried to use circumlocution to avoid explaining his real intentions to the wealthy couple.

As a politician, the senator had no problem using circumlocution to make his responses sound honest.

Sneaky people who want others to be fooled by their words often use circumlocution to hide their true purposes.

To sell his company’s products, the sly salesman used circumlocution to avoid directly answering the woman’s questions.

The student used circumlocution in an attempt to stall his teacher while he completed his homework in class.

Rather than let people know he was losing his memory, Mr. Jones used circumlocution to constantly change the topic of conversation.

I would never vote for a politician who avoids answering questions through the use of circumlocution.

Despite the writer’s use of circumlocution in his article, it was still quite evident he knew nothing about his subject.

If only the speaker would stop all the circumlocution and get to the point of his speech!

The lawyer made use of circumlocution to confuse the jury into believing his client’s innocence.

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