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Definition of Emulate

to imitate and copy; strive to equal or excel

Examples of Emulate in a sentence

Aspiring to become a good cook, Kate will emulate the recipes and cooking techniques of chef Emeril.

If you want to be rich, emulate a wealthy entrepreneur.

The boy would emulate his father's morning routine, from reading the newspaper to sipping coffee.

I would rather you find your own voice and not emulate your favorite singer.

Emulate after your accomplished father, not a trashy celebrity.

Sue is going to emulate her brother's strong work ethic in order to be successful.

Our youth desperately needs to emulate positive role models.

Josh is trying to emulate the success of his well-accomplished mother.

I ask you not to emulate and copy my inventions.

In hopes of keeping her small business afloat, Mary will emulate her competitors' business practices.

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