Entreat in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Entreat

to make an important request; ask for

Examples of Entreat in a sentence

I entreat you to donate some time tomorrow for our neighborhood clean-up program. 🔊

The teacher would entreat her students to arrive to class on time.  🔊

Every time I entreat for a raise, my boss says "No!" 🔊

Could you kindly entreat that loudmouth to whisper in the library?  🔊

Timmy would beg, constantly entreat his mother for a new cellphone, but she would always say "No!"  🔊

I live below the poverty level, so please do not entreat me for more money.  🔊

I entreat you to answer my question!  🔊

The hurricane victims entreat for basic necessities.  🔊

Though Jim was caught cheating with another woman, he would entreat his girlfriend for a second chance.  🔊

The convicted criminal would entreat the judge for mercy.  🔊

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