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10 example sentences for Irony

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Irony - Definition

»  a form of humor in which you use words to express the opposite of what the words really mean

Use Irony in a sentence

  • Because I could not detect any irony in Jason’s tone, I knew he was serious.

  • The writer often used irony to make his readers laugh.

  • Not everyone gets the irony of Adam’s jokes.

  • The irony of the situation is that Amy died right after she killed her husband for his insurance money.

  • By having his main character behave in the opposite manner of a normal man, the playwright gave a great example of irony.

  • I told my daughter that defining her bad behavior as a form of irony was not going to get her out of trouble.

  • If you want me to understand the irony in your joke, you will have to explain it to me.

  • The irony was the entire arrest could have been avoided if Julie had simply paid the ten dollar fine.

  • She was too young to appreciate the irony in the adult joke.

  • In an irony of war, the soldiers destroyed the country they were supposed to save.

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