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Servile - Definition

»  submissive; willing to serve others

Use Servile in a sentence

  • Some individuals are so servile that other people take advantage of their submissiveness.

  • Because she has a servile disposition, Janet is a great nurse.

  • Even though Michelle was no longer a maid, she still felt servile when she was in a room with wealthy people.

  • Wives do not exist simply to be servile and to do their husbands’ bidding.

  • Howard insisted his wife carry his umbrella and follow him around in a servile manner.

  • Although the servile workers received large salaries, they did not feel the money made up for the long hours they had to wait on their employers.

  • Since you pay me, I am willing to work for you and be servile from the hours of nine to five each day.

  • A diehard people pleaser, Justine is servile by nature.

  • Because the billionaire’s personal assistant wants to keep her job, she always speaks to her boss in a servile tone.

  • In his eagerness to make a deal, the car salesman was servile in his attempt to please the potential buyers.

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