Nebbish in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Nebbish

one who is nervous and lacks confidence and courage, especially in making decisions and plans, in discussions, debates, arguments, and confrontations, and in taking responsibility

Examples of Nebbish in a sentence

The nebbish refuses to take responsibility for his actions, always too afraid to admit that he made a mistake.  🔊

I was shocked to find that my coach had added a nebbish to our team, he was far too timid to play the game.  🔊

The nebbish stood like a fly on the wall, too shy to ask any of the maidens to dance.  🔊

Every decision will be difficult for the nebbish as he is too frightened to make a choice on his own.  🔊

Looking at the nebbish in disdain, she wondered how someone could be so meek with nothing to add to the conversation.  🔊

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