Abdominal in a Sentence  πŸ”‰

Definition of Abdominal

related to the abdomen/stomach, or the part between the thorax and the pelvis

Examples of Abdominal in a sentence

1. My severe abdominal pains sent me to the hospital where I learned that it was nothing more than trapped gas. πŸ”‰

2. A hole in Misty’s abdominal wall means that she will have to have emergency surgery near her bellybutton. πŸ”‰

3. Wearing an abdominal girdle, the dancer was able to hide her stomach bulge under her dress. πŸ”‰

4. Doing abdominal crunches, the soldier hoped to be able to tighten his loose stomach muscles. πŸ”‰

5. Holding on to her abdominal area, the little girl complained of tummy pain. πŸ”‰

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