Edema in a Sentence  đź”Š

Definition of Edema

an increase in the size of an area of a person’s body due to excess fluid

Examples of Edema in a sentence

Once the pain was too much to bear due to Kevin’s edema, he was admitted to the hospital to drain the water pooling under his skin.  đź”Š

It became apparent that Sally might be suffering from edema considering her right hand was much larger than her left.  đź”Š

After the patient answered the doctor’s questions about his diet, Dr. Phillips realized that the patient’s large salt intake caused his edema.  đź”Š

The nurse identified the problem as edema after noticing the swelling in the patient’s arms.  đź”Š

Edema was detected in Bridget’s ankles due to her job requiring her to stand for long periods of time.  đź”Š

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