Able in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Able

having the capability of doing something

Examples of Able in a sentence

Being a healthy young man, I am perfectly able to engage in manual labor, no matter what kind of physical stress that includes.  🔊

Many people would not think it, but the Grizzly Bear is able to run thirty-five miles an hour, which is over a dozen miles an hour faster than the average human.  🔊

Thanks to computers, we are able to calculate millions of equations and problems in a relatively short window of time.  🔊

Someone with quicker reflexes than I may have been able to intercept the baseball before it hit the ground, but unfortunately the only person available at the time was me.  🔊

I was looking for someone that would be able to print some copies of the worksheet for me, but in the end I just had to pick someone at random and hope they were trustworthy.  🔊

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