Above in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Above

at a higher layer or level than something else

Examples of Above in a sentence

If you look above you while outside, you will almost certainly spot clouds, the sun, or the moon, though in some cases you might not see them at all.  🔊

In the army, the rank of General is above the rank of Colonel, though Colonel is still above Major and Lieutenant.  🔊

Resting at the top of our oak tree in the yard, all of my friends had no idea that I was hiding above them during our whole game of hide and seek.  🔊

Birds are almost always soaring around above us, witnessing the world from an entirely different perspective from what we are used to.  🔊

The higher you are above sea level, the thinner the air is and the harder it is to get sufficient air into your lungs to function.  🔊

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