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Definition of Ablution

the act of washing or cleansing

Examples of Ablution in a sentence

Sylvia has a rare condition that makes her break out in a rash if she gets water on her skin, so her morning ablution consists of using cleansing cream and tissue. 🔊

Some religions require believers to perform an ablution before prayer so that they are clean and worthy in the presence of their God.  🔊

Although the injury wasn’t severe, the nurse brought in sterile water for the doctor to perform an ablution so that it would be less likely to become infected. 🔊

Once I have my cup of coffee and do my morning ablution, including brushing and flossing, I’m ready to start my day.  🔊

Because each daughter’s daily ablution seems to take forever, mornings in a house with four teenage girls and one bathroom are unbearable.  🔊

Jerry explained to his friends that his parents had taught him to perform an ablution before he ate a meal or snack, but it had nothing to do with religion.  🔊

In a ritual act of ablution before prayer, Rashad meditated while he washed his face, hands, upper forehead, and the tops of his feet.  🔊

Since the cast made it impossible for Denise to shower or bathe in a tub, the doctor instructed to carry out her ablution in the form of a sponge bath.  🔊

Dedicated practitioners of yoga swear by a bedtime ablution ritual to relax the body and encourage deeper sleep.  🔊

Since doctors are required to perform an ablution before they examine each patient, dry, chapped hands are an occupational hazard.  🔊

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