Edification in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Edification

moral, intellectual, or spiritual improvement; through encouragement and instruction

Examples of Edification in a sentence

Because Shirley is a committed lifelong learner, she visits the library at least once a week for personal edification and intellectual enrichment. 🔊

The timeless fables of Aesop may have been created for the edification of children about some of life’s important lessons.  🔊

As a pastor, Reverend Tom works tirelessly to achieve his own spiritual growth and edification so that he can communicate his faith to his parishioners. 🔊

Professor Tom likes to have his students fill out this questionnaire for his own edification as to whether he is omitting anything they’re interested in studying.  🔊

Compared to the days when we had to browse through card catalogs to find sources of edification, today’s search engines are a fast, efficient way to find information on the Internet.  🔊

I enjoy belonging to the book club because the discussions provide me with edification that goes beyond what I get out of reading a novel on my own.  🔊

Bob is constantly doing research to gain edification on the newest methods of military combat.  🔊

Patsy prefers to provide both amusement and edification for her children by buying them educational and creative toys.  🔊

Because I’m never sure whether or not the newspaper has accurately reported breaking news, I decided to go straight to the source and seek edification for myself.  🔊

Although journals and diaries are a great source of edification for generations to come, very few of us take the time to chronicle our family histories.  🔊

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