Aggrandizement in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Aggrandizement

an increase in power, importance, or reputation that is undeserved

Examples of Aggrandizement in a sentence

Suzan suggests that aggrandizement of one’s self-worth may be a desperate attempt to boost one’s low self-esteem. 🔊

The aggrandizement of Simon’s wealth is so off-putting, especially since he inherited it with no effort of his own. 🔊

Our CEO’s aggrandizement of the reputation of our company is done to attract investors, not to pat himself on the back. 🔊

The aggrandizement of the company’s product in its advertising was ineffective because of the perceived self-interest.  🔊

Listening to the politician brag about his reputation, it was clear to everyone that he was full of self-aggrandizement.  🔊

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