Innumerable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Innumerable

too many in number to be counted

Examples of Innumerable in a sentence

The popular celebrity receives an innumerable amount of fan mail each week. 🔊

When Grant checked his email, he saw innumerable messages from people promising to make him a millionaire overnight. 🔊

It will probably take me two days to walk through the large mall because it appears to have innumerable stores. 🔊

On the potato chip aisle, the snack choices are so innumerable it will take the little boy a long time to make his selection. 🔊

Innumerable vendors tried to sell us their goods as soon as we stepped off the cruise ship. 🔊

On rainy days, there are innumerable car accidents in the congested city. 🔊

It will take a team of editors to correct the innumerable errors found in the five hundred-page manuscript. 🔊

To win a prize, people are asked to estimate the quantity of the innumerable gumballs in the large gumball machine. 🔊

Many astronomers have tried to count the innumerable stars in the sky and have failed. 🔊

When my husband and I adopted our children, we had to fill out innumerable pages of paperwork. 🔊

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