All the While in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of All the While

in reference to something that happens continuously

Examples of All the While in a sentence

We were singing all the while as we drove to our vacation home on the beach, eager to kick back and enjoy ourselves at last. 🔊

Even as he gave his speech in front of the class, he was nervously twiddling his thumbs and wringing his hands all the while. 🔊

Even though I was focusing on my homework, I was listening to music all the while, which distracted me somewhat. 🔊

My dad was trying to give me a lecture, but I was daydreaming all the while and didn’t catch a word that he said. 🔊

The teacher was giving us a review for the test, but I was playing games on my computer all the while and didn’t hear anything she said. 🔊

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