Anticlimactic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Anticlimactic

lacking climax, disappointing or ironically insignificant following of impressive foreshadowing

Examples of Anticlimactic in a sentence

Although the child anticipated that the gift would bring him endless enjoyment, it quickly turned into an anticlimactic experience. 🔊

Mom claims that an accurate view on life prevents anticlimactic results, as we would not overvalue things. 🔊

Despite all of the hype, the game turned out to be boring, uneventful and overwhelmingly anticlimactic. 🔊

The news that our CEO was stepping down came as a surprise, but turned out to be anticlimactic compared to what happened next. 🔊

We agreed that the movie was anticlimactic and that it deserved two thumbs down. 🔊

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