Antiseptic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Antiseptic

very clean and free of disease-causing organisms

Examples of Antiseptic in a sentence

While cleaning with an antiseptic spray, I realized my friend would find it impossible to say anything negative at our playdate about any germs being in the house.  🔊

Due to the doctor using his stethoscope on a sick patient, the nurse knew she needed to provide an antiseptic stethoscope before using it on the next patient.  🔊

The antiseptic bottles were boiled in hot water to prevent sickness to the baby during feeding time.  🔊

Wiping the counter with antiseptic wipes is essential if you have previously placed raw meat on the countertop.  🔊

In order for my health-conscious friends to think they were breathing in germfree air, I used a scented antiseptic spray so they would be completely aware of it.  🔊

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