Arrogant in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Arrogant

one who rudely acts as though he is better than other people

Examples of Arrogant in a sentence

The arrogant young man quickly discounted his friends' suggestions. 🔊

When the arrogant actress arrived at the hotel, she insisted upon jumping to the front of the line.  🔊

The young professor thought he knew everything and was too arrogant to listen to his mentor’s advice. 🔊

Although Matt is a great football player, he is very arrogant and refuses to talk to his fans.  🔊

Once Danielle married the wealthy doctor, she became arrogant and would not associate with people in her old neighborhood.  🔊

Patients dislike arrogant doctors who talk down to them as though they are stupid.  🔊

As soon as the arrogant woman walked past the homeless man, she turned her head away from him.  🔊

Although Pam could have won the contest, she was so arrogant she ignored her vocal teacher’s advice and made a poor song choice.  🔊

Hal is so arrogant and vain that no one can picture him volunteering at a homeless shelter.  🔊

Because the criminal was arrogant and never thought he would get caught, he tried to rob a store next to a police station.  🔊

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