Conceit in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Conceit

arrogant pride in oneself

Examples of Conceit in a sentence

There was so much conceit in his voice I couldn’t help but wonder if he swooned over his own image in the mirror every morning.  🔊

Someone that is full of conceit tends to look down on others and think of themselves as superior to everyone.  🔊

Nothing is more aggravating than someone with so much conceit that they think they are perfect or incapable of error.  🔊

With the amount of conceit dripping from her voice, it seemed a miracle that she even considered someone good enough to be her boyfriend in the first place.  🔊

Lauren is well known around school for her conceit, though it would be hard to miss since she’s constantly trying to lord her alleged superiority over everyone else.  🔊

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