Assail in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Assail

to attack violently

Examples of Assail in a sentence

If anyone ever talks negatively about Alex’s father, his response is to assail the person with insults. 🔊

Because fits of sneezing assail me almost year-round, I never go outside without taking an antihistamine. 🔊

When difficult circumstances assail my tranquility, I turn to meditation. 🔊

When I was a child, fears of monsters under the bed would assail me if I didn’t keep the light turned on. 🔊

Dorax wanted to control the universe, and many smaller planets scanned the skies for signs that his fleet was on the way to assail their planet. 🔊

Someone hacked into my computer and now all kinds of junk email and spam constantly assail my inbox. 🔊

When Rebecca saw her cousin coming over she knew he was about to assail her friends with embarrassing stories of when they were kids. 🔊

Whatever you do, don’t assail the integrity of someone else’s research. 🔊

Anyone who would assail someone’s reputation anonymously is nothing but a coward. 🔊

If you don’t take care of your own health, a dangerous virus could assail your immune system and make you seriously ill. 🔊

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