Throttle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Throttle

to suffocate by cutting off someone’s air supply in order to kill or hurt him or her

Examples of Throttle in a sentence

At the crime scene, investigators quickly realized that the assailant did throttle the victim due to the red marks around the victim’s neck.  🔊

The defendant took the stand admitting that he broke into the woman’s house to rob her but ended up deciding to throttle her to death.  🔊

When the distraught family members came to identify the body, they noticed that the intruder must have tried to throttle her with his hands before stabbing her to death.  🔊

CPR was administered to the domestic abuse victim since her husband decided to throttle his wife by blocking her windpipe.  🔊

Ligature marks found on many deceased murder victims are the result of a serial killer’s actions to throttle his victims.  🔊

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