Atone in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Atone

to reimburse for a wrongdoing

Examples of Atone in a sentence

To atone for racist actions in his youth, the billionaire established a scholarship fund for minority students attending his alma mater. 🔊

The manager tried to atone for the bad service by offering me a complimentary dessert.  🔊

When the drug caused the man’s death, the manufacturer tried to atone for its mistake by offering the widow two million dollars. 🔊

Maggie is trying to atone for her bad behavior last night by acting like an angel today.  🔊

Since the teenager was not sincere in court, the storeowner doubted the boy would ever atone for breaking his windows.  🔊

Catherine went to confession so the priest could help her atone for her sins.  🔊

According to Christians, Jesus died to atone for the sins of all people.  🔊

The judge decided the only way the criminal could atone for his heinous crimes was by receiving capital punishment.  🔊

Since Jim has made no plans to atone for his financial crimes, the parole board will probably deny his application for an early release.  🔊

Jason has to atone for vandalizing the homeless shelter by working in the organization’s kitchen every Saturday for three months.  🔊

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