Perseverance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Perseverance

resolve that allows one to continue with a duty or task regardless of difficulty or previous attempts

Examples of Perseverance in a sentence

The disabled young man’s perseverance allowed him to complete the marathon.  🔊

If not for the president’s perseverance against his political rivals, the healthcare initiative would never have been enacted.  🔊

The veteran’s story of how he survived captivity was a narrative of perseverance and hope.  🔊

Even though Rick’s legs were burning and throbbing, his perseverance took him to the triathlon’s finish line.  🔊

The physical therapist told Henry that with determination and perseverance he would walk again.  🔊

If not for her perseverance, Maria would never have earned her diploma after having a baby during her junior year of high school.  🔊

With a little perseverance and practice, Beth was able to master the difficult math concept.  🔊

After a six-month job search, my perseverance was rewarded with a great job offer.  🔊

Mariah’s perseverance paid off when she finally earned a place in the singing competition.  🔊

When the lottery winner was asked about his luck, he attributed it to his perseverance in buying lottery tickets each week.  🔊

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