Audition in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Audition

to present talents in front of a judge or judges in order to achieve a desired position or role

Examples of Audition in a sentence

Diana flew to New York to audition for the leading role of Eliza in Hamilton. 🔊

She prepared a piece from Mozart’s The Magic Flute to audition for her university’s musical theater program. 🔊

After she failed her audition for the American Ballet Company, Daisy’s dreams of becoming a prima ballerina were shattered. 🔊

Matt was certain that he bombed his audition for Julliard after he skipped an entire dance step and nearly fell on his face. 🔊

Miranda didn’t want to audition for the school play, but prepared a monologue just in case her friends dragged her along. 🔊

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