State Of The Art in a Sentence  šŸ”Š

Definition of State Of The Art

at the highest level of development; cutting-edge

Examples of State Of The Art in a sentence

My parents bought me a used desktop computer when I wanted a brand new, state of the art laptop.  šŸ”Š

This car comes equipped with a state of the art braking system that senses an obstacle in your path and stops automatically.  šŸ”Š

Buying a state of the art cell phone today is silly because there will be a new one tomorrow.  šŸ”Š

The state of the art 3D ultrasound picture of the baby was amazing to look at for someone who had never seen one before.  šŸ”Š

They say this house is state of the art, but Iā€™m not sure the world is ready for a house that talks to you while you use the bathroom.  šŸ”Š

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