Beeline in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Beeline

a very direct or quick path or trip

Examples of Beeline in a sentence

Once I got home from a long day at work, I made a beeline for my bed. 🔊

The tourists were so hungry, they made a beeline for the buffet table. 🔊

There was no greater joy as a kid than making an immediate beeline for the ice cream truck when you heard that familiar jingle. 🔊

After making a beeline to my favorite coffee place, I was devastated to see it was demolished. 🔊

Upon the first crack of thunder, my dog made a beeline for the bedroom and burrowed underneath the covers. 🔊

The second we arrived at the dealership, a salesman made a beeline for us. 🔊

I'm not a dessert guy, but when the urge hits me, I make a beeline to the closest Dairy Queen. 🔊

Each time we visited our local Best Buy, my son made a beeline to the video games section of the store. 🔊

When rain moved in, we left the playground and made a beeline for our cars. 🔊

Without a doubt I'll make a beeline to the museum next time I'm in the area. 🔊

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