Blase in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Blase

indifferent because of frequent exposure

Examples of Blase in a sentence

After going on eight cruises, I am blasé about the whole cruising experience.  🔊

The actor was so frequently in front of the camera that he simply looked upon his paparazzi followers with a blasé attitude.  🔊

Since a new smartphone comes out practically every month, Hank is blasé to the latest technological invention.  🔊

The frustrated mother was blasé about her toddler sobbing whenever he did not get his way.  🔊

Because the townspeople did not believe there was a hungry animal in the area, they were blasé about the little boy’s constant wolf sightings.  🔊

The veteran police officer seemed blasé about walking into a possibly fatal situation.  🔊

After working under Sarah for ten years at the plant, I am blasé to her frequent mood changes and can easily ignore them.  🔊

Since Sally had spent most of the summer at the amusement park, she was blasé about returning there for her birthday party in the fall.  🔊

Jake is blasé about his wife’s extramarital affairs and refuses to divorce her.  🔊

Because Michelle has had ten stepfathers over the years, she is very blasé to her mother’s many relationships.  🔊

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