Placate in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Placate

to appease or pacify

Examples of Placate in a sentence

1. I tried to placate the sad little boy by giving him a cookie. 🔉

2. The police officer tried to placate the two scared drivers at the scene of the accident. 🔉

3. Although Henry tried to placate his boss by staying late at the office each evening, he still lost his job during the layoffs. 🔉

4. My husband will do just about anything to placate me so I will not be mad at him. 🔉

5. If no one tries to placate my sister when she is angry, she gets even angrier. 🔉

6. The president knew he would have to placate the voting public by firing his adviser. 🔉

7. Because Marilyn was unable to placate her crying baby last night, she did not get any sleep at all.  🔉

8. In order to placate unhappy customers, the department store gave away valuable coupons. 🔉

9. The teachers will not return to the classroom until the union makes some effort to placate them. 🔉

10. To placate our upset teenage daughter, we had to buy her a concert ticket and a new pair of shoes. 🔉

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