Blizzard in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Blizzard

a severe snowstorm with strong winds and reduced visibility

Examples of Blizzard in a sentence

The weather forecaster upgraded the simple snow showers to a blizzard due to expectant high 40 mph winds and at least 12 feet of snow.  🔊

Due to the blizzard, the heavy weight of the snow triggered an avalanche which left massive destruction in its path for the small village.  🔊

Fearing the blizzard would make it difficult, the skiers traveled a few hours away to another resort.  🔊

The Blizzard of 1995 left blanketed streets, numerous school cancellations, and freezing temperatures for the citizens of the major city.  🔊

Hearing about the oncoming blizzard in the Alps, the Prane family canceled their winter vacation and went to Hawaii instead.  🔊

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