Weathering in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Weathering

the act of weather conditions altering the state of material, whether it be texture, color, etc

Examples of Weathering in a sentence

Powerful wind gusts and heavy rains did their part weathering the church until its fresh paint was chipped and peeling.  🔊

After being left in the hot sun for months, the old boat suffered some weathering and faded from bright red to rusty brown.  🔊

She could tell the beach house had seen some rough storms because of the weathering that made the wood turn an unnatural green.  🔊

The car had slight weathering to the paint from years of dry air, sand, and harsh sunlight.  🔊

Archeologists uncovered a chest buried deep in desert and filled with frayed books that were close to falling apart from years of weathering beneath the sand.  🔊

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