Brandish in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Brandish

to gesture while holding a weapon or other item as a threat

Examples of Brandish in a sentence

When the crazed man decided to brandish a gun in the airport, he was immediately shot by a security guard.  🔊

The dictator would often go on television and brandish the heads of his enemies so his people would know the consequences of opposing him.  🔊

During the bank robbery, only one of the masked men did not brandish a pistol at the horrified customers.  🔊

The man jumped in front of his daughter when he saw a strange man brandish a knife.  🔊

If you choose to brandish your weapon in front of a police officer, you should be prepared for the consequences.  🔊

As soon as the homeowner started to brandish his shotgun, the burglar jumped out of the window.  🔊

In the photograph, the gang members brandish their guns in the air.  🔊

The bodyguards will brandish their weapons as soon as they believe there is a threat to their employer.  🔊

During the riot, the police will only brandish their arms if they feel threatened.  🔊

I knew my daughter was afraid when she began to brandish a stick in front of the growling dog.  🔊

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