Indomitable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Indomitable

not capable of being defeated

Examples of Indomitable in a sentence

Even when my father was stricken with cancer, he remained an indomitable force who never stopped fighting to live a normal life.  🔊

Jason’s indomitable spirit gave him the strength to battle back from the crippling disease that made him bedridden.  🔊

After the terrorist attack, the country stood with an indomitable sense of unity to let the world know it would not be frozen by fear.  🔊

Because the giant man was indomitable in the hot dog eating challenge, he had won the contest ten years in a row.  🔊

Even after Helen’s husband was arrested for murder, she never doubted his innocence and did not allow her indomitable loyalty to waiver.  🔊

Despite Bill’s tiny stature, he was an indomitable wrestler who would not back down to any challenger.  🔊

It was the little girl’s indomitable will and courage that allowed her to climb out of the window and escape her kidnappers.  🔊

Although Jake was afraid of spiders, he summoned his indomitable courage to walk through the spider-filled room.  🔊

The president will present the country’s Highest Medal of Honor to the soldier who showed indomitable bravery by going behind enemy lines to save his commanding officer.  🔊

Just when it seemed the indomitable team could not lose a game, their star player quit the squad and brought the winning streak to an end.  🔊

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