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For over two centuries, the U.S. Constitution has been a buttress for the government. 🔊

Claudio’s professor told him he needed to do some more research to find data to be a buttress for his theory.  🔊

While other families were struggling during the Great Depression, my grandmother was the buttress of her immigrant family as she constantly encouraged them not to give up on their dreams. 🔊

Because someone had designed the walls without a proper buttress, the whole building collapsed within a year after it was built.  🔊

After the humiliating way his girlfriend dumped him, Roger’s friends rallied to his side to act as a buttress to his deflated ego.  🔊

If you sign up with the Chamber of Commerce, they will help you buttress your small business against hard times.  🔊

To buttress his lecture, Dr. Wren prepared a PowerPoint presentation of fifty slides.  🔊

Just when the exhausted troops thought they would have to surrender, three more units were sent in to buttress their position.  🔊

If you don’t use quality materials to buttress the balcony, someone could get seriously hurt when it falls down.  🔊

After the third earthquake, it was impossible to buttress the wall adequately, so we ended up tearing it down.  🔊

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