Recourse in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Recourse

options or assistance during a difficult period or situation

Examples of Recourse in a sentence

Before hospitals, midwives were often the only recourse for expectant mothers. 🔊

Laid-off workers have no other recourse than to file for jobless benefits.  🔊

Since the insurance company will not pay for Tim’s deck damage, Tim’s only recourse is a bank loan. 🔊

Tina bought her vehicle “as is” so she has no recourse if the car suddenly stops working.  🔊

Because the foolish man turned down legal recourse during the trial, he will more than likely be sentenced to death.  🔊

Once Trevor’s financial aid was terminated, he had no recourse other than to get a job and pay his own tuition.  🔊

There were many greedy attorneys willing to provide me with recourse after the intoxicated surgeon botched my procedure.  🔊

Since Jim was fired because of his tardiness, he has no legal recourse against his former employer.  🔊

Many teachers join a union so they will have recourse if they are unfairly terminated by the school district.  🔊

After the hurricane, the insurance company provided many homeless families with financial recourse.  🔊

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