Buzz in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Buzz

a low hiss with a “z” sound

Examples of Buzz in a sentence

At first I didn’t hear the buzz from the bees until I got closer to the bee hive around the corner. 🔊

When there was a buzz coming from the car’s engine, the car’s owner described to the mechanic that his car had a snake sound coming from the engine. 🔊

As the sound of a buzz came from my ear, I realized that a little gnat had been fluttering around inside my ear. 🔊

Since I heard the noise of the buzz from the electric razor, I got scared that the hairstylist would cut my hair too short.  🔊

After listening to the buzz on the phone, the teenager got irritated that she could not hear her friend’s words over the distracting noise.  🔊

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