Calibrate in a Sentence  šŸ”Š

Definition of Calibrate

to quantify in a careful and detailed manner

Examples of Calibrate in a sentence

Since one of my tires looks a little flat, Iā€™m going to take my car to the shop so a mechanic can calibrate the tire pressure.  šŸ”Š

The hospital pharmacist knows how important it is to calibrate the IV medications correctly.  šŸ”Š

The doctor will calibrate my oxygen level by having me blow air into a tube that is attached to a computer.  šŸ”Š

Before weighing substances in the lab, you should calibrate the scale to make sure it's properly balanced.  šŸ”Š

During the concert, the audio technician will calibrate the music to a comfortable listening level.  šŸ”Š

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