Succedaneum in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Succedaneum

a replacement especially pertaining to the medical field

Examples of Succedaneum in a sentence

Even though the man ordered roses for his wife, the florist decided the succedaneum of daisies would have to do since there were not any more roses in his shop.  🔊

A succedaneum of the generic drug would suffice since it would have the same effect as the brand name medicine but for a far cheaper price.  🔊

After checking the patient’s chart, the penicillin’s succedaneum of amoxicillin was administered due to the patient’s allergic reaction to penicillin.  🔊

Realizing the man’s addiction to certain medications, the doctor prescribed a succedaneum for the man’s Oxycontin.  🔊

Once people became aware of Coumadin being a blood thinner, patients would opt for the cheaper succedaneum of the medication since it was more available.  🔊

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