Castigate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Castigate

to criticize someone or something severely

Examples of Castigate in a sentence

My mother was a cruel woman who never missed an opportunity to castigate my father.  🔊

When the police chief discovers his officers let the criminal escape, he is sure to castigate them.  🔊

If you want better results, you should praise your children and not castigate them.  🔊

How dare you castigate him when you have done the same thing in the past?  🔊

The minister used his sermon to castigate the sinners in the church.  🔊

Because the president does not tolerate mistakes well, everyone knows he will castigate his staff members during their evening meeting.  🔊

We cannot castigate our students and blame them for their poor grades when we do not give them the resources they need to be successful.  🔊

More than likely, the United Nations will castigate the dictator for allowing his military force to torture the people of his country.  🔊

Hypocrites are people who castigate others for making the same decisions they have made.  🔊

The employer used performance reviews to castigate his employees when they did not do their duties well.  🔊

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