Tumult in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tumult

confusion or disorder

Examples of Tumult in a sentence

The prison warden was concerned his guards would not be able to control the tumult caused by the riot.  🔊

Economists are working to find solutions to the financial tumult that is ruining the lives of many Americans.  🔊

Since self-help books sell, it is highly likely the popular author will make a fortune with his autobiography describing his past emotional tumult and self-destructive habits.  🔊

On the brink of an internal war, the small country has never experienced such tumult in its one hundred year history.  🔊

Because of the tumult in the Middle East, gas prices are expected to rise even higher.  🔊

The police were called to clear up the tumult after excited football fans burst onto the field.  🔊

After the country’s leader was assassinated, the nation endured tumult for several months.  🔊

Many refugees are seeking asylum because their native countries are being destroyed by political tumult.  🔊

Because of the tumult within the company’s management structure, many projects are not being completed on time.  🔊

While the political candidate’s popularity rating continues to fall, his office has declined into a state of tumult.  🔊

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