Changeling in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Changeling

a boy or girl who is replaced with another child either on purpose as part of a scheme or by accident

Examples of Changeling in a sentence

In order to make the mother believe her daughter had been found, a changeling was sent in as a substitute who closely resembled her daughter.  🔊

After the kidnapping, the father complained to the police that his son never returned to him from his abductors because now a changeling was in his son’s place.  🔊

“During my weird nightmare last night, I dreamed little Timmy disappeared somehow and a changeling looking exactly like him was laying in his crib,” the husband told his wife.  🔊

Because the man wanted the reward money, he used the missing child poster to find a changeling resembling the missing child.  🔊

In the science fiction movie, a member of each family was swapped with a changeling made from robotic parts looking exactly like the taken family member.  🔊

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