Dangle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dangle

to droop freely

Examples of Dangle in a sentence

Since her long earrings dangle down to the middle of her neck, the woman was constantly getting them caught in her long hair. 🔊

While the dog trotted proudly to the front door with his prize, the mouse would dangle by his tail from the dog’s mouth. 🔊

As the watch would dangle from the chain, it would bob up and down every time the gentleman took a step. 🔊

The child would tease her puppy when she would stand over it and dangle a lengthy piece of cheese just an inch out of the puppy’s reach. 🔊

Since the uvula does dangle from the roof of your mouth, the doctor can easily see when it is reddened with an infection just by looking down your throat. 🔊

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